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Getting Started

You want to become an FAA certified air carrier so that you may conduct on-demand air charter and air taxi operations for hire. As the owner of the certificate you must:

be a US Citizen.

All required management personnel must be US Citizens.

Your First Decision: You should use the help of a consulting organization such as USAC Aviation.

You will achieve certification better, faster, easier, and cheaper.

The national average of six to eighteen months (from when the FAA begins processing your application) is reduced by 50%.

The quality of your submission will be significantly higher.

The cost of a consulting organization is quickly recovered via charter revenue.

Prerequisites: The prerequisites listed here are non-negotiable. There are four items required by the FAA before you get started:

an aircraft,

qualified flight crew,

commercial aircraft insurance, and

qualified management personnel (Full 135 Operator).

Minimum PIC Flight Experience Requirements Part 135.243(b) and (c) require that a PIC who does not hold an ATP certificate and who conducts operations that do not require an ATP certificate must have acquired a minimum number of flight hours before serving as a PIC.

Pilot Total Cross-
VFR PIC 500 100 25*
IFR PIC 1,200 500 100

*These 25 hours must be night cross-country hours.

Pre-Application: Your pre-application activities will include contacting your Flight Standards District Office (FSDO) and letting them know of your intent.

Prepare a pre-application statement of intent.

Contact your FSDO and make an appointment.

Visit your FSDO, sign in, and view a certification video.

You will be assigned a Principal Operations Inspector (POI). Our certification service will prepare your pre-application statement of intent.

Next Steps: The next steps are described in the following pages. They include:

Application - Letters, Forms, and Documents

Document Preparation - Manuals and Forms

Aircraft Conformity - Preparation and FAA Inspection

Training - Company Specific Training

Check Ride - FAA Practical Exam as per FAR 135.293-299.

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